Cloud Infrastructure

Reasons to Move

Reduce Cost

Cloud solutions can drastically reduce infrastructure costs. Further reductions are possible after the migration when applications are "retooled" to utilize new options such as burst computing and serverless architechures.

High Availability

Load balance accross multiple datacenters or automatically failover to a backup resource on standby. Cloud solutions are not only quickly available, they are often easier to make highly available.

Concept to Market

Build, deploy, repeat. Increased flexability to prototype. Structured configurations and policies to take prototypes to production.

Getting There

Business Needs

Quartz Labs provides a free consultation to discuss the needs of your business and current or planned infrastructure.


The discovery phase will map the in-scope applications, resources and networks.


A better realization of future cost reductions is available after discovery and design. The initial design is typically a copy of exiting infrastructure.


Introduction of infrastructure as code to your solution stack.


The migration strategy depends on your business needs. Zero downtime, maintenacne window, et. al.


Your cloud solution is available and the migrations are complete. Now it's time to measure, tweak and reconsider your stack as a whole. Explore serverless alternatives to most functions and tasks.

Hybrid Solution

Hybrid clouds are a common option for large oganizations with robust infrastructure. Migrate at a slower pace. Prototype with new tools. Build forward while maintaining the past.

Quartz Labs has the experience to help your business discuss, adopt and maintain a cloud solution.

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