Ruby on Rails

Quartz Labs
ruby on rails

Experience you can trust

Quartz has been working with rails since 2010 and we have delivered numerous Rails projects for our clients. We understand where Rails shines and know how to avoid potential pitfalls.

App development

From the ground up

Full stack web app development using Ruby on Rails. Bring your concept to life quickly and efficiently. We work closely with you to build out a plan that focuses on what you need and helps you steer clear of what you don't.

Enhance an existing app

We can augment your existing team and provide extra resources to help you chew through your feature backlog. We also have experience with distressed projects and are comfortable picking up the pieces and getting things back on track for you.

Some examples of what we do

  • Design and build APIs to help your app communicate with external systems
  • Integration with third party APIs
  • Integrating modern Javascript frameworks such as Vue.js with your Rails app
  • Architecture design or review, including discussions around: serverless, single page, monolith vs microservices, choice of cloud partner/solutions
  • Performant and reliable background job processing systems
  • Production hosting and monitoring
  • Performance tuning and optimizations